Love Bowl

  • Dimensions: (17cm Dia x 13cm H).
  • Soda lime glass.
  • Includes easy to follow care instructions.
  • Click & Collect available in Dallington, Christchurch.
  • Delivery available to the following post codes ( 7670, 7630, 8011, 8013, 8014, 8041, 8051, 8052, 8053, 8061, 8062, 8083)

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Looking for a unique gift for your sweetheart that lasts longer than flowers? This special bowl features a lovely couple surrounded by a garden filled with beautiful living succulents.

Due to the fragile nature of this product it can be collected from our home in Dallington or can be delivered to the following post codes: 7670, 7630, 8011, 8013, 8014, 8041, 8051, 8052, 8053, 8061, 8062, 8083.

Preserving a succulents/cacti terrarium

Succulents and Cacti are typically comfortable not receiving too much water, and don’t need much root space to thrive, making them perfect for small enclosures.


Save for some lower-light tolerant species like Haworthia and Gasteria, most succulents and cacti prefer bright, if not direct, light. Place your succulent terrarium in a very bright spot, keeping in mind that glass tends to magnify direct sun, and can potentially burn your plants.


Succulents and Cacti are drought tolerant plants, and are highly susceptible to root-rot. Combined with the fact that terrariums do not have drainage holes, you’ll want to water your terrarium very sparingly, when the soil has gone almost completely dry. Water around the base of each plant using a syringe or dropper. Most succulents will tell you when it’s time to water by puckering slightly in their leaves. This is a great indicator for when it’s time to water your terrarium.


Shriveled leaves? Time to water. Mushy, brown or black leaves? You’re watering too much. Remove these plants and replace with comparable specimens, taking care not to water quite as much. Reduce watering during winter.

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