Bring the outside in!

Discover our range of handcrafted glass terrariums. Available in a variety of designs, our unique products add a touch of green to any room. Placed in contemporary glass vessels, our succulent and moss terrariums are the perfect indoor plants gifts.

Meet these guys

Our range of custom planters and terrariums are super cute, and sure to steal your heart!

From personally picking the most gorgeous succulents, cacti and tropical plants to designing stunning products people will treasure.

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Explore our range of 3D printed pots. These unique yet funky pieces are going to take your home oasis to the next level!


Terrariums are fascinating, miniature gardens, housed inside small containers like bottles and jars. Your very own fully functioning plant ecosystems!


Great accessories to help you take your little plant hobby to the next level. We source the best stuff to share with you.

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