For the love of plants ...

Having plants in the home and workplace provides many benefits, and we want to continue promoting these to our customers.

Meet the Maker

Hi! I’m Pamela, the face behind The Twig

The Twig was born as a result of my love for nature, interior design and miniaturisation. This love inspired me to learn the art of creating tiny self-sustaining ecosystems in glass vessels.

It all started in 2019 when after working a few years in child care I realised it was time to pursue my dream of creating something special, and promoting the importance of being in contact with mother earth.

In addition to terrariums, The Twig also offers a range of unique indoor pots. These are all 3D modeled and 3D printed by Ivankahl3D, aka my husband, who has supported this lovely journey since day one.

Our creations spark so much joy in my life and I hope they spark joy for you too.

I’d love to meet up with you on Instagram! Use #thetwignz to share your own photos.

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