Square Pants Sleepy Planter (Seconds)

    • New Zealand made.
    • Material: PLA (non toxic plastic)
    • Dimensions: (5.5cm H x 10.20cm W x 10.20cm D)
    • Drainage hole.

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These planters are factory seconds. They have minor imperfections such as scratches or filament colour variations. Please note we don’t accept returns for factory seconds. 

Amaze house guests with this cute and trendy planter, perfect for a small succulent or cacti.

Designed and 3D printed by Ivankahl3D. These cool planters are made in New Zealand. Best of all, they are made out of PLA, a non-toxic plastic produced by fermentation under controlled conditions of a carbohydrate source like corn starch or sugarcane.  The design is modern and simple. With more than 1000 layers, the pots are strong and contain a drainage hole that allows water to drain freely.

* As this is a 3D printed item, some small imperfections may be visible.




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Grey Marble, Twinkling Black

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